Re: [PATCH] [KERNEL-DOC] kill warnings when building mandocs

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On Fri, 13 Apr 2007 11:14:22 +0200 Borislav Petkov wrote:

> This patch shuts warnings of the sort:
> make -C /mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/build \
> 	KBUILD_SRC=/mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6 \
> 	KBUILD_EXTMOD="" -f /mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/Makefile mandocs
> make -f /mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/scripts/ obj=scripts/basic
> make -f /mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/scripts/ obj=Documentation/DocBook mandocs
>   SRCTREE=/mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/ /mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/build/scripts/basic/docproc doc /mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/Documentation/DocBook/wanbook.tmpl >Documentation/DocBook/wanbook.xml
>   if grep -q refentry Documentation/DocBook/wanbook.xml; then xmlto man -m /mnt/samsung_200/sam/kernel/trees/21-rc6/Documentation/DocBook/stylesheet.xsl -o Documentation/DocBook/man Documentation/DocBook/wanbook.xml ; gzip -f Documentation/DocBook/man/*.9; fi
> Note: meta version: No productnumber or alternative     sppp_close
> Note: meta version: No [email protected]=version        sppp_close
> Note: Writing sppp_close.9
> Note: meta version: No productnumber or alternative     sppp_open
> Note: meta version: No [email protected]=version        sppp_open
> by adding a RefMiscInfo xml tag in the form of the current kernel version to 
> the function, struct and enum definitions in files included by kernel-doc when 
> building 'mandocs'.  However, the version string appears truncated on the manpage
> due to some constraints in the xml DTD for the man header, I believe, for the
> troff output is truncated too.

Hi Borislav,

I cannot reproduce this error (either, a la the tex error).
Any hints about how I could do so?

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