Re: [Bug 7505] Linux-2.6.18 fails to boot on AMD64 machine

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Il giorno ven, 22/12/2006 alle 01.43 -0800, Andrew Morton ha scritto:
> On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 10:32:51 +0100
> Stefano Takekawa <[email protected]> wrote:
> > Applied to 2.6.19 it doesn't change anything. It still panics.
> Really?
> And you can confirm that converting pci_bus_sem back into a spinlock fixes
> it?
> > How can I have something similar to a serial console on a laptop without
> > serial port but with a parallel one? Will netconsole work?
> > 
> No, netconsole isn't available for quite some time after the kernel starts.
> Your best bet would be to boot with `earlyprintk=vga vga=N', where N is
> something which gives lots of rows.  0F01, perhaps.
> Then, take a digital photo of the display.

I can't take any digital photo. Well I got this:
2.6.19 + lib/rwsem-spinlock.c patched + hdc=ide-cd or idebus=66 >> panic
2.6.19 + lib/rwsem-spinlock.c patched + no ide_setup calls >> works!!!
2.6.19 + spinlock reversed >> always works

Stefano Takekawa
[email protected]

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