Re: Network drivers that don't suspend on interface down

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On Thu, 21 Dec 2006 01:11:12 +0100
Francois Romieu <[email protected]> wrote:

> Stephen Hemminger <[email protected]> :
> [...]
> >    IMHO:
> > 	When device is down, it should:
> > 	 a) use as few resources as possible:
> > 	       - not grab memory for buffers
> > 	       - not assign IRQ unless it could get one
> > 	       - turn off all power consumption possible
> > 	 b) allow setting parameters like speed/duplex/autonegotiation,
> >             ring buffers, ... with ethtool, and remember the state
> > 	 c) not accept data coming in, and drop packets queued
> <nit>
> Imho speed/duplex/autoneg is not the business of the device: they belong
> to the phy and it's up to it to decide if its state allows to set the
> requested parameters or not.
> </nit>

We need to allow ethtool setting to be done before device has been brought
up and started autonegotiation. The current MII library doesn't really support

Stephen Hemminger <[email protected]>
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