Re: [PATCH 2/4] Add MMC Password Protection (lock/unlock) support V8: mmc_key_retention.diff

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Anderson Briglia wrote:
> The code was based on code presents at security/keys/user_defined.c. This is the reason of why the MMC PWD code was
> implemented using this returns types and others implementations.
> That file (user_defined.c) implements generic functions to handle keys inside the kernel, using the Kernel Key Retention
> Service. Maybe you can take a look there, :).
> That zap variable was used to expand the key payload when a new password exceeded a previous configured size. But the
> Kernel Key Retention Service has changed and that zap variable is not used on key_instantiate function implemented at
> user_defined.c, anymore. I'll update the MMC PWD code.

Patches look ok, and I'll commit them once you send me this last fix.

> Yes. I believe sizeof is a compiler operation and it does not access the data pointed by that pointer, it access just
> the type of the pointer.

Yes, sizeof() is compile time and completely safe in this regard.


     -- Pierre Ossman

  Linux kernel, MMC maintainer
  PulseAudio, core developer
  rdesktop, core developer

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