Re: cfq performance gap

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On Tue, Dec 12 2006, AVANTIKA R. MATHUR wrote:
> >That said, I might add some logic to detect when we can cheaply switch
> >queues instead of waiting for a new request from the same queue.
> >Averaging slice times over a period of time instead of 1:1 with that
> >logic, should help cases like this while still being fair.
> >  
> Thank you for looking at this issue.
> I've found an IBM/SUSE bugzilla bug for the same performance gap on 
> rawio. There was a fix for this bug included in SLES10-RC1, do you know 
> why it was not added in mainline?

Which bug do you mean? It was likely me doing the fixing on that bug,
and I'm certain that the patch is in mainline. If you included the bug
number, I could have expanded on that.

Jens Axboe

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