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Paul M wrote:
> Ah - this may be the lockup that PaulJ hit.

Yes - looks like this fixes it.  Thanks, Srivatsa.

And with that fix, it becomes obvious how to reproduce this problem:

	mount -t cpuset cpuset /dev/cpuset	# if not already mounted
	cd /dev/cpuset
	mkdir foo
	echo 1 > foo/cpu_exclusive
	rmdir foo				# hangs ...

However ...

Read the comment in kernel/cpuset.c for the routine cpuset_destroy().
It explains that update_flag() is called where it is (turning off
the cpu_exclusive flag, if it was set), to avoid the calling sequence:


while holding the callback_mutex, as that could ABBA deadlock with the
CPU hotplug code.

But with this container based rewrite of cpusets, it now seems that
cpuset_destroy -is- called holding the callback_mutex (though I don't
see any mention of that in the cpuset_destroy comment ;), so it would
seem that we once again are at risk for this ABBA deadlock.

I also notice that the comment for container_lock() in the file
kernel/container.c only mentions its use in the oom code.  That is
no longer the only, or even primary, user of this lock routine.
The kernel/cpuset.c code uses it frequently (without comment ;),
and I wouldn't be surprised to see other future controllers calling
container_lock() as well.

Looks like its time to update those comments, and think about what
was written there before, as that might catch a bug or two, such as
the one Srivatsa just fixed for us.

Most of those long locking comments in kernel/cpuset.c are there
for a reason - recording the results of a lesson learned in the
school of hard knocks.

                  I won't rest till it's the best ...
                  Programmer, Linux Scalability
                  Paul Jackson <[email protected]> 1.925.600.0401
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