Re: Kevent POSIX timers support.

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Evgeniy Polyakov wrote:
+static int posix_kevent_init(void)
+	struct kevent_callbacks tc = {
+		.callback = &posix_kevent_callback,
+		.enqueue = &posix_kevent_enqueue,
+		.dequeue = &posix_kevent_dequeue};
How do we prevent that somebody tries to register a POSIX timer event
source with kevent_ctl(KEVENT_CTL_ADD)? This should only be possible
from sys_timer_create and nowhere else.
Can you add a parameter to kevent_enqueue indicating this is a call from
inside the kernel and then ignore certain enqueue callbacks?

@@ -343,23 +439,27 @@ static int posix_timer_fn(struct hrtimer
timr = container_of(timer, struct k_itimer, it.real.timer);
 	spin_lock_irqsave(&timr->it_lock, flags);
+	if (timr->it_sigev_notify & SIGEV_KEVENT) {
+		kevent_storage_ready(&timr->st, NULL, KEVENT_MASK_ALL);
+	} else {
We need to pass the data in the sigev_value meember of the struct
sigevent structure passed to timer_create to the caller. I don't see it
being done here nor when the timer is created. Do I miss something?
The sigev_value value should be stored in the user/ptr member of struct

+		if (event.sigev_notify & SIGEV_KEVENT) {
Don't use a bit. It makes no sense to combine SIGEV_SIGNAL with
SIGEV_KEVENT etc. Only SIGEV_THREAD_ID is a special case.
Just define SIGEV_KEVENT to 3 and replace the tests like the one cited
above with
  if (timr->it_sigev_notify == SIGEV_KEVENT)

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