Re: nightly 2.6 LXR run?

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On 2006-11-14, Jon Masters wrote:
> Hi folks,
> So I'm curious (before I do it) whether anyone is currently running an
> automated nightly LXR against Linus' git kernel tree?

I don't think so. Also, i don't think, it's useful for development.
There are TAGS/tags make targets for it, and they're more productive, i think.

But what really will be helpful (well, for me), is another git-web public 
service on Linus' git tree. is very heavy loaded with many
things, so normally i get "The load average on the server is too high",
when trying to trace some code history and reading logs. There were
some lkml posts, even from Linus, stating, that is very
loaded and slow.

I don't want to load it much with git pull also, i just need history and
logs. Hope somebody will benefit from it too.

> I know of coywolf's excellent resource, but since I'm playing with LXR
> for some other stuff at the moment it'd be a good moment to get it done.
> Jon.

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