Re: [RFC] Pushing device/driver binding decisions to userspace

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On 11/13/06 05:59:08PM -0500, Lee Revell wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 17:16 -0500, Jim Crilly wrote:
> > I know that Debian ships both because I have to switch back to the OSS
> > driver whenever I want to play one of those closed source games that
> > mmap /dev/dsp because the ALSA OSS emulation can't seem to handle
> > having the device opened via ALSA and /dev/dsp at the same time and
> > the aoss wrapper doesn't work for apps that use mmap on /dev/dsp.
> > 
> This should work with the ALSA /dev/dsp emulation, if you kill all other
> sound using apps before launching the game (which the OSS driver also
> requires).

Well it doesn't and the only error I get from the game is:

/dev/dsp: Input/output error
Could not mmap /dev/dsp

If it makes a difference, lspci lists the card as:

00:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation CK804 AC'97 Audio
Controller (rev a2)

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