Re: [patch] fix up generic csum_ipv6_magic function prototype

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Al Viro <[email protected]> writes:
> Incidentally, WTF is
> #ifndef CONFIG_X86_64
> #define SkCsCalculateChecksum(p,l)      ((~ip_compute_csum(p, l)) & 0xffff)
> #else
> #define SkCsCalculateChecksum(p,l)      ((~ip_fast_csum(p, l)) & 0xffff)   
> #endif
> in ./drivers/net/sk98lin/h/skdrv1st.h?

Looks totally bogus. The x86-64 ip_fast_csum is practically identical
to the i386 version. Someone must have been asleep while reviewing
that code.

But AFAIK sk98lin is scheduled for deletion anyways, to be replaced by 
sky*. Probably for good reasons. Hopefully soon.

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