The return of the ITeX PCI ADSL card for 2.6 kernels

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ITeX stopped support for their PCI ADSL Apollo3 chipset because
they gone bankrupt. The latest Linux drivers for their chipset are
for kernel 2.4.15. They are binary-only.

I made a patch and a modified binary that allows you to use the
ITeX card with Linux 2.6.15 kernels. It has only been tested with
PPPoATM. It uses a modified binary that was originaly build by
ITeX for kernel 2.4.15.  Some 2.6.15 kernel structures were
modified for compatibility with 2.4.15, but no functionality has
been changed in the 2.6.15 kernel. I use this for more than a
month now without problems. It works with vanilla, Debian and
Ubuntu kernel sources. See .

There is also a patch for vanilla 2.4.31 and 2.4.32 kernel sources
at . For Debian's
2.4.27 source at

Jan Pieter. 
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