Re: [patch 0/4] i386, x86_64: fix the irqbalance quirk for E7520/E7320/E7525 - V2

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On Thursday 09 November 2006 02:20, Siddha, Suresh B wrote:
> Mechanism of selecting physical mode in genapic when cpu hotplug is enabled
> on x86_64, broke the quirk(quirk_intel_irqbalance()) introduced for working
> around the transposing interrupt message errata in E7520/E7320/E7525
> (revision ID 0x9 and below. errata #23 in
> This errata requires the mode to be in logical flat, so that interrupts
> can be directed to more than one cpu(and thus use hardware IRQ balancing
> enabled by BIOS on these platforms).

Fine by me. But can you fix the compilation issues Andrew found and resend

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