Re: How to interpret MCE messages?

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Ar Mer, 2006-11-08 am 17:20 +0100, ysgrifennodd martin f krafft:
> Thanks to mcelog, I am now regularly seeing messages like this on an
> amd64 machine:
>   kernel: Machine check events logged
>         bit46 = corrected ecc error
>     Data cache ECC error (syndrome 5b)

Cache.. not memory

>     memory/cache error 'data read mem transaction, data transaction, level 2'

L2 Cache

> Before I go out and buy a new motherboard (as I assume that it's
> a L1/L2 cache problem), 

L1/L2 cache are on the CPU these days. Double check with the processor
docs and vendor but I think mcelog is actually trying to tell you that
the CPU wants to be warranty returned. It might also of course be a heat

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