Re: How do I know whether a specific driver being used?

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--- Miguel Ojeda <maxe[email protected]> wrote:
> This mailing list is about kernel development, this
> is not the right
> place to ask that. Anyway, 3rd party kernels,
> patches, drivers... are
> not covered here.

I appologize for sending to the wrong mailing list.
Could you please refer me to the correct

Please note that I have already tried but the folks seem to be
confused like me (regarding this particular issue).

More specifically, there is confusion between the
following statement:

And the fact that my system shows the following:

~> lsmod | grep promise
sata_promise           12516  8
libata                 83440  1 sata_promise
scsi_mod              145960  6

Do you know what the best place to ask such question?


P.S. I didn't browse menuconfig, because I am not
there yet. It's like the chicken-and-the-egg
situation: I am using Ubuntu which conceptually
exempts me from the need to compile kernel modules and
thus menuconfig is not even installed by default.
Since (thanks to Arjan's reply) I am pretty sure now
that the driver is included in the distribution, I
hope that no compilation is needed.

P.S.2 If I discover something that IMHO points to a
bug in the kernel, where do I post it?

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