[PATCH 2.6.19-rc4-mm2] epca get_termio cleanup

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The code using get_termio was already '#if 0' but get_termio itself was not. 
Hence the warning:

drivers/char/epca.c:2744: warning: 'get_termio' defined but not used

Signed-off-by: Mariusz Kozlowski <[email protected]>

diff -up linux-2.6.19-rc4-orig/drivers/char/epca.c 
--- linux-2.6.19-rc4-orig/drivers/char/epca.c   2006-11-04 20:31:54.000000000 
+++ linux-2.6.19-rc4/drivers/char/epca.c        2006-11-04 21:27:50.000000000 
@@ -209,7 +209,9 @@ static void digi_send_break(struct chann
 static void setup_empty_event(struct tty_struct *tty, struct channel *ch);
 void epca_setup(char *, int *);
+#if 0
 static int get_termio(struct tty_struct *, struct termio __user *);
 static int pc_write(struct tty_struct *, const unsigned char *, int);
 static int pc_init(void);
 static int init_PCI(void);
@@ -2740,10 +2742,12 @@ static void setup_empty_event(struct tty
 /* --------------------- Begin get_termio ----------------------- */
+#if 0
 static int get_termio(struct tty_struct * tty, struct termio __user * termio)
 { /* Begin get_termio */
        return kernel_termios_to_user_termio(termio, tty->termios);
 } /* End get_termio */
 /* ---------------------- Begin epca_setup  -------------------------- */
 void epca_setup(char *str, int *ints)

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