Re: [airo.c bug] Couldn't allocate RX FID / Max tries exceeded when issueing command

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You might find this thread useful if it is just a case
of messed up firmware:

The gist of it is that sometimes DOS utilities work
when all else fails.


--- Ivan Matveich <[email protected]> wrote:

> On 11/2/06, Dan Williams <[email protected]> wrote:
> > Do you know which kernel version that patch first
> appeared in?
> It was committed on 1 Dec 2005, and 2.6.15 was
> released on 3 Jan 2006.
> > That would be a great idea, let us know what the
> results are, especially
> > if you cna figure out which firmware version you
> have, or if the card
> > itself is really just dead.
> No luck with freebsd: error resetting card.
> I'll try my luck with Cisco's Windows
> utility---probably
> tomorrow---but I'd now wager that my card has simply
> croaked. (I've
> even taken it out and re-seated it in its slot, just
> in case that
> helped.) In any case, thanks for the help.

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