Re: New filesystem for Linux

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I am fully aware the counters are effectively 48-bit.  If they were
just 32-bit, you would likely have hit the problem yourself already.
Given the seek time 0.01s, 31-bit value would last for minimum time of 248
days when doing only syncs and nothing else. 47-bit value will last for
reasonably long.
So you can at most do one transaction per drive seek?  That would
definitely solve the overflow case, but hardly sounds like a
high-performance filesystem. :)
Really it can batch any number of modifications into one transaction
(unless fsync or sync is called). Transaction is closed only on
fsync/sync, if 2 minutes pass (can be adjusted) or when the disk runs out
of space.



Data expands to fill the space available for storage.
-- Parkinson's Law

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