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Paul Jackson wrote:
> Pavel wrote:
>> 1. One of the major configfs ideas is that lifetime of
>>    the objects is completely driven by userspace.
>>    Resource controller shouldn't live as long as user
>>    want. It "may", but not "must"!
> I had trouble understanding what you are saying here.
> What does the phrase "live as long as user want" mean?

What if if user creates a controller (configfs directory)
and doesn't remove it at all. Should controller stay in memory
even if nobody uses it?

>> 2. Having configfs as the only interface doesn't alow
>>    people having resource controll facility w/o configfs.
>>    Resource controller must not depend on any "feature".
>> 3. Configfs may be easily implemented later as an additional
>>    interface. I propose the following solution:
>>      - First we make an interface via any common kernel
>>        facility (syscall, ioctl, etc);
>>      - Later we may extend this with configfs. This will
>>        alow one to have configfs interface build as a module.
> So you would add bloat to the kernel, with two interfaces
> to the same facility, because you don't want the resource
> controller to depend on configfs.
> I am familiar with what is wrong with kernel bloat.
> Can you explain to me what is wrong with having resource
> groups depend on configfs?  Is there something wrong with

Resource controller has nothing common with confgifs.
That's the same as if we make netfilter depend on procfs.

> configfs that would be a significant problem for some systems
> needing resource groups?

Why do we need to make some dependency if we can avoid it?

> It is better where possible, I would think, to reuse common
> infrastructure and minimize redundancy.  If there is something
> wrong with configfs that makes this a problem, perhaps we
> should fix that.

The same can be said about system calls interface, isn't it?
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