Re: AMD X2 unsynced TSC fix?

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> So far, has I can understand. Seems to me that my computer which have a
> Pentium D (Dual Core) on VIA chipset, also have unsynchronized TSC and
> with the patch of hrtimers on

Intel systems (except for some large highend systems) have synchronized TSCs. 
Only exception so far seems to be a few systems that are 
overclocked/overvolted and running outside their specification. 
When you do that you'e on your own and we're not interested in a bug

There was also one BIOS found that had this problem, but it was old and rare
and got fixed with a upgrade.

> Just to point out. This could be more a problem of chipsets than CPUs
> (AMD or Intel). AMD just begin first using x86_64 archs :)


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