Re: suspend to disk -> resume -> X with DRI extension on R100 chips hangs

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On Wednesday, 25 October 2006 08:18, Radim Luža wrote:
> Good morning
> I noticed following problem:
> After resuming from suspend to disk Xorg with DRI switched on hangs. 
> System is not affected by Xorg hang. If I login via SSH I can kill X 
> server and start it again - with same result. X server hangs even after 
> I suspend from text mode with X not running and with unloaded modules 
> radeon and drm and resume then and try to start X server. With DRI 
> switched off in xorg.conf X resumes correctly.

Well, I think you'll need to file a bug repart at
(please add [email protected] to the Cc list).


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