Re: [PATCH] Undeprecate the sysctl system call

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Ar Iau, 2006-10-19 am 09:09 -0600, ysgrifennodd Eric W. Biederman:
> > Not the core basic ones that are those people care about
> I agree.  It just appears that the core basic ones that people
> care about is the empty set.

You should read linux-kernel or the other lists and look at the
complaints the deprecation caused, its not an empty set. It isn't a
large set apparently either however.

> >  **  the sysctl() binary interface.  However this interface
> >  **  is unstable and deprecated and will be removed in the future. 
> >  **  For a stable interface use /proc/sys.

This is a bit self-referential and self-inflicted. I wish to deprecate
it wrongly because there is a comment that it is deprecated wrongly.

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