Re: Machine Check Exception on dual core Xeon

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On Oct 17, 2006, at 19:34:59, Steven Truong wrote:
Hi, all.  I have this node of dual core Xeon 3.2 GHz, 4 Gig of RAM and
kernel 2.16.18 on CentOS 4.3.  I got kernel panic and after setting up
kdump/kexec I was able to capture the kdump core.
I found out this message with crash to analyze the core dump:

CPU 0: Machine Check Exception: 4 Bank 3: 0000000000000000
This is not a software problem!
Run through mcelog --ascii to decode and contact your hardware vendor
You missed the blatantly obvious error message:
"This is not a software problem!"

Immediately followed by:
"contact your hardware vendor"

Please follow that advice

Kyle Moffett
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