Re: copy_from_user / copy_to_user with no swap space

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mfbaustx <[email protected]> wrote:
> >>> No. Your code may be only partially paged into RAM.
> >>> The same can happen for any mmaped data.

> That's what I thought I read.  But then my question is:  with
> on-demand  paging, is it possible to have two processes partially
> paged?

Why shouldn't they be? The whole idea is having just /parts/ (hopefully the
ones in active use) in memory.

>         Surely, it  MUST be the case that any processes with
> overlapping logical address  spaces must be paged coherently.

I don't know what this is supposed to mean...

>                                                                So,
> while on-demand "paging-in" allows  for partial paging of a process,
> is it the case that, on a context switch,  the user-space PTE's are
> completely erased (so that you get page-faults  and can then on-demand
> page them in...)?

Each process has its own page tables, they don't get in each others
hair. And the page tables precisely manage making several processes get
access to the /same/ logical addresses, but at /different/ physical
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