Re: [RFC PATCH] nForce4 ADMA with NCQ: It's aliiiive..

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Mark Lord wrote:
Robert Hancock wrote:

I also noticed that I'm still using the default 64KB libata dma_boundary value, this should be 4GB for ADMA mode (but fixed up back to the default if an ATAPI device is connected, same as with the DMA mask).

Be careful of that.  The original PDC hardware for ADMA still had
the "don't cross a 64KB boundary" requirement.


That is part of the ADMA spec - but in that case, how come the pdc_adma.c driver sets the dma_boundary in the SCSI host template to 4GB? That seems wrong.

In any case, however, I really doubt the NVIDIA ADMA controller shares this limitation - they provide 32 bits for the region length (standard ADMA only has 16 bits), which wouldn't be very useful if you couldn't cross a 64KB boundary..

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