Re: 2.6.18 suspend regression on Intel Macs

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Le mardi 10 octobre 2006 à 21:38 +0200, Arjan van de Ven a écrit :
> > So what's the plan? Should/Will the ACPI guys remove the bit-preserving
> > change brought in with the latest ACPICA merge?
> it sounds like a good idea to at least put the workaround back for now,
> until a more elegant solution (maybe something can be done to make it
> not needed anymore) is found...
> (or until it shows it breaks other machines at which point
> reconsideration is also needed)

The workaround hasn't been removed. It's still there,
789 /* Make sure SCI is enabled again (Apple firmware bug?) */
790 acpi_set_register(ACPI_BITREG_SCI_ENABLE, 1, ACPI_MTX_DO_NOT_LOCK);

The thing is acpi_set_register doesn't permit anymore to write the SCI
bit since the last ACPI merge. Or maybe you meant that the
acpi_hw_register_write modifications should be reverted until a better
solution is found?


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