Re: [PATCH] ISDN: mark as 32-bit only

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On Sun, 01 Oct 2006 22:30:17 +0200, Alan Cox wrote:
> I've actually been spending some time reviewing these and the warnings
> are for stupid things but not real 64/32 problems. I've got some diffs
> that clean it up just by tidying up casts etc if anyone actually still
> cares about the old ISDN code.

Yes, the old ISDN code still has a considerable user base at least
here in Germany. There are many ISDN devices which are supported by
the old ISDN subsystem (ISDN4Linux) but not the new one (CAPI2.0).
(Some of them are supported by out-of-tree CAPI2.0 drivers like mISDN,
but still.) Also, CAPI2.0 so far doesn't have a driver interface
document (like Documentation/isdn/INTERFACE for ISDN4Linux), so the
old drivers may still be with us for some time to come.

Besides, Jeff's proposed patch would disable the new ISDN subsystem
along with the old one, so I suppose his criticism applies to the
new one too.

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Bonn, Germany
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