Re: [PATCH 2.6.18 V6] drivers: add lcd display support

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On 9/30/06, Jan-Benedict Glaw <[email protected]> wrote:

AFAIK, the 'D' in LCD is already an abbreviation for "display", so
could we name it lcdisplay or something like that?

My first guess was "lcd" ("d" as display), but there were already
devices with such name. So I chose "display", as they are additional
small displays (LCD or not). However, people thought it was a very
common name. Then I chose "LCD Display". Such name is more expressive
(it is "a Display, LCD type") and doesn't makes trouble with new lcd
screens, or the "lcd" drivers, or...

I don't care really about the name with or without "double d". Can
someone else give his/her opinion about this?

Thank you,
      Miguel Ojeda


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