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Chase Venters wrote:
I sympathize with Richard on his avoidance of "open-source". I don't necessarily take the same view, but I understand that his big concern is that the message he feels is important will be lost. I also think some of the things I've heard from the "open-source" side are too extreme - take, for instance, ESR's idea that we don't need the GPL license at all. That sounds like a nice world he's living in, but I'm not sure we're all on the same planet yet.

ESR is a nutcase too.

The final GPLv3 may indeed go too far for many open-source supporters. But then again, it is the FSF's license, and it should at least not surprise anyone if they are more concerned with the ideals of the license rather than current market realities. Market conditions change; ideals generally don't.

As long as you can admit that FSF is divorced from reality...


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