Re: x86/x86-64 merge for 2.6.19

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On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Andi Kleen wrote:
> Please pull 'for-linus' from

I really don't want do http:// pulls - they are very inefficient, and I 
don't trust the end result because the http protocol isn't really good for 
verifying the end result (same goes for rsync:// to an even bigger 

The native git protocol is not just more efficient, it's fundamentally 
designed to be safe (ie everything is purely based on the actual data 
coming down the line - there's no possibility for any hashed object 
corruption, because the receiving side doesn't even care about the SHA1 
names of the data it receives - it will re-compute them).

So please put them on some machine that has either anonymous native git 
access ("git-daemon") or that I can ssh into. I can either just send 
people my ssh key, but I actually prefer avoiding that, and instead just 
have developers use one of the machines that people share ssh access to as 
a meeting point (ie most people use "" because they 
already had accounts on that machine - if you don't want to actually 
export the tree to the mirrors, just put it in your own home directory and 
make sure I can get read (and execute, for directories) rights to the 


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