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Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> I've been half-way through reading this thread after returning, and I must
> say I'm rather annoyed that 80% of it is just Roman vs Ingo and Karim vs
> Jes dogfights that run in circles.  Let's try to find some majority optinion
> and plans to move forward:

Well, I believed such a consensus had been achieved and that somehow
Ingo and I had reached some friendly terms:

See this:
And this:

Then this:

For me, the fighting could have stopped there, but then Ingo saw it
fitting to post this:

I still don't get how Ingo goes from friendly and compromising to
then attempting the worst kind of character assassination I've seen
on lkml. The only way it makes sense is if Ingo's understanding was
that Jes' email, to which he is responding, was responding to an email
I had sent after telling Ingo that the fighting was over. And that
would be simple to understand, within this humongous thread confusion
is more than likely. Though the inverse (friendly then angry) would
just make Ingo one of the most irrational persons I've come across.

My nitpicking in this last paragraph sounds absolutely silly, but it's
really quite important because if cleared up it would at least go to
show that one of two main protagonists in this issue had indeed
agreed to put disagreement aside. I've asked Ingo privately to
clear this up, but haven't gotten any response, maybe he was just
too angry and killfilled me since.

In any case, I'm more than happy to settle for the friendly end-
of-discussion terms.

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