Re: [patch] Race condition in usermodehelper.

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On Fri, 15 Sep 2006 12:46:54 +0200
Martin Schwidefsky <[email protected]> wrote:

> From: Martin Schwidefsky <[email protected]>
> [patch] Race condition in usermodehelper.
> There is a race between call_usermodehelper_keys, __call_usermodehelper
> and wait_for_helper. It should only happen if preemption is enabled or
> on a virtualized system.
> If the cpu is preempted or put to sleep by the hypervisor in
> __call_usermodehelper between the creation of the wait_for_helper
> thread and the second check on sub_info->wait, the whole execution
> of wait_for_helper including the complete call and the continuation
> after the wait_for_completion in call_usermodehelper_keys can have
> happened before __call_usermodehelper checks sub_info->wait for the
> second time. Since sub_info can already have been clobbered,
> sub_info->wait could be zero and complete is called a second time
> with an invalid argument. This has happened on s390. It took me only
> three days to find out ..

You mean three days work?

If so, I owe you a big apology, because an identical patch has been in -mm
for over a month.  I guess I didn't appreciate its significance.

Shall expedite.

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