[RFC] CPUFreq PowerOP integration, Issues/TODO 3/3

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- speedstep-centrino.c and speedstep-centrino-pm_core.c are no longer relevant
to CPUFreq - need to be moved out of cpufreq folder
- drivers/acpi/processor_perflib.c: needs cleanup. Now it is used by PM Core
but is compiled under CONFIG_CPU_FREQ and contains CPUFreq dependent code
- cpufreq.c code needs fixing to handle creation of operating points at
arbitrary moment ( to function properly on empty points list). For the time
being it is assumed that initialization order is: acpi, pm core, powerop, points
registration, cpufreq core
- cpufreq statistics is broken
- hotplug/sysdev_driver needs investigation
- pm core needs hotplug support
- example of dependent operating point registration module
- is any functionality affected by removing flags export from legacy cpufreq
- suspend/resume

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