Re: re-reading the partition table on a "busy" drive

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Jan Engelhardt wrote:
My anwser to this question: if it's so "pretty annoying", just let it be
"yes, do as i said !", not more and not less, just most ;).

Well, this whole question is already moot, as pointed out by Olaf.
Because kernel already supports add/delete single partition ioctls,
which is sufficient.  For my needs I already wrote a tiny hack which
compares /proc/partitions with the output of `sfdisk -d' and re-adds
anything which changed.  It should be possible to do the same with
parted instead of {sf,cf,f}disk without using that hack, but hell,
all those fdisks (parted included) sucks badly, each in its own way,
so all are being used for different parts of the task, including the
hack ;)

So something should write the perfect utility. There are people on this list capable of this, like we have seen with git :)

As far as i can see, most of such was actually started by Linus,
including linux.....

Jan Engelhardt

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