Re: [PATCH] fail kernel compilation in case of unresolved symbols (v2)

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Olaf Hering wrote:
On Thu, Sep 07, Adrian Bunk wrote:

If any module shipped with the kernel has in any configuration unresolved symbols that's a bug that should be reported, not ignored.

Yes, but on request when building the package. Not per default.
I probably missed the reason why this is now suddenly a problem.
It is not that sudden at all. I experienced this problem many times so far
and working with a build system came to the idea of failing
builds when there are unresolved symbols.

I'm pretty sure that having this patch in mainstream
will make unresolved symbols a rare problem as many of them will be fixed soon.
So I'm pretty agree with Adrian that modules with unresolved symbols is a bug
and it MUST be fixed.
I would be very much interested to hear Andrew opinion on this as
he probably makes kernels even more often than any of us :)


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