Re: BUG: warning at fs/ext3/inode.c:1016/ext3_getblk()

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Dave Kleikamp wrote:
On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 13:14 -0700, Badari Pulavarty wrote:

Dave Kleikamp wrote:

I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what ext3_get_blocks_handle
is trying to return, but it looks to me like if it is allocating one
data block, and needs to allocate an indirect block as well, then it
will return 2 rather than 1.  Is this expected, or am I just confused?

It would return "1" in that case.. (data block)

> 0 means get_block() suceeded and indicates the number of blocks mapped
= 0 lookup failed
< 0 mean error case

Okay, I got confused looking through the code.  I still don't see how
ext3_get_blocks_handle() should be returning a number greater than

yes ext3_get_blocks_handle() will return the number of data blocks allocated(not including the indirect/double indirecto blocks), and that number should not than maxblocks. In this case, it should return 1 instead.

The ext3_get_blocks_handle() behavior was changed when multiple blocks map/allocation was added to ext3 via this function. Previously, the behavior of ext3_get_blokc_handle() returns 0 for success case, and returns non-zero(nagive) for error case. While with new behavior, the success case is the thre returned value should > 0.

How many blocks is being mapped in this case? > 1? or 0? If it failed to map the block (ext3_get_blocks_handle() returns 0), ext3_getblk() will also WARN_ON().

I did search for callers of ext3_get_blocks_handle() and found that
ext3_readdir() seems to do wrong thing all the time with error check :(
Need to take a closer look..

	err = ext3_get_blocks_handle(NULL, inode, blk, 1,
                                               &map_bh, 0, 0);
       if (err > 0) {  <<<< BAD
                               map_bh.b_blocknr >>
                               (PAGE_CACHE_SHIFT - inode->i_blkbits),
                       bh = ext3_bread(NULL, inode, blk, 0, &err);

Bad to do what it's doing, or bad to call name the variable "err"?
I think if it looked like this:

	count = ext3_get_blocks_handle(NULL, inode, blk, 1,
                                               &map_bh, 0, 0);
if (count > 0) {
it would be a lot less confusing.

I am sorry !! it is doing the right thing :(

Not your fault.  The variable is very badly named.

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