Re: [MODSLAB 0/7] A modular slab allocator V1

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Christoph Lameter wrote:

5. Three different slab allocators.
	   It is called the Slabifier because it can slabify any
	   page allocator. VMALLOC is a valid page allocator so
	   it can do slabs on vmalloc ranges. You can define your
	   own page allocator (mempools??) and then slabify that
Which .config settings are necessary? I tried to use it (uniprocessor, no debug options enabled), but the compilation failed. 2.6.18-rc4 kernel. All 7 patches applied. And: Are you sure that the slabifier works on vmalloc ranges? The code uses virt_to_page(). Does that function work for vmalloc on all archs?

The lack of virt_to_page() on vmalloc/mempool memory. always prevented the slab allocator from handling such memory.

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