Re: [PATCH for review] [13/145] x86_64: Add abilty to enable/disable nmi watchdog with sysctl

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> Files 'nmi.c' from both archs don't match, obviously. But lets see, how.

nmi.c for x86-64 only aims to support new hardware and is thus a somewhat
cleaner version of the i386 version. Also there are some differences how
it interfaces with the rest of the port.

> -+	if (nmi_watchdog == NMI_DEFAULT) {
> -+		if (nmi_known_cpu() > 0)
> -+			nmi_watchdog = NMI_LOCAL_APIC;
> -+		else
> -+			nmi_watchdog = NMI_IO_APIC;
> -+	}
> ++	/* if nmi_watchdog is not set yet, then set it */
> ++	nmi_watchdog_default();
> i don't know about nmi, but please drop a word why this is different in both files;

They've involving independently and not all changes are added to both.
In this case it was a x86-64 specific cleanup.

> Maybe this must be one file for both archs ?


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