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Andi Kleen wrote:
Andy Whitcroft <[email protected]> writes:

It seems that the command line on x86_64 is being truncated during boot:

in mm right?
Will try and track it down.

Don't bother, it is likely "early-param" (the patch from
hell). I'll investigate.


Well I've narroed it down to the following patch from Andrew:


Basically, that leads setup_arch to return saved_command_line as _the_ command_line. We then run parse_args() against it which assumes it may irrevocabaly change command_line. Previous to this patch saved_command_line and command_line were separate and this was not an issue.

It feels like we should be following the model in the newly added parse_early_parms() and taking a local copy of the command_line here.

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