Re: sluggish system responsiveness under higher IO load

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On Sun, 6 Aug 2006 12:00:37 +0200
Matthias Dahl <[email protected]> wrote:

> Since I bought my current system, I have experienced sluggish system 
> responsiveness when the IO load increases to a certain point.
> For example: when I emerge (gentoo system) new kernel sources, during the 
> untar process of the archive, Xorg gets sluggish, meaning you can sometimes 
> see the entire desktop or windows repainting or the mouse pointer jumps 
> around. From time to time, depending on the IO load, even typing in the 
> console doesn't respond right away.
> I opened a thread in the gentoo support forum for amd64 which brought some 
> details to light: it doesn't seem to be a nforce4 or amd64 related problem, 
> because other people on newer intel based systems run into exactly the same 
> problems. It looks like a general sata issue. Here a link to the thread:

I'd suggest that you generate a kernel profile while the sluggishness is

Boot with "profile=1" on the kernel boot command line.  Then run:

readprofile -r
readprofile -n -v -m /boot/ | sort -n -k 3 | tail -40

Or, better-but-more-complex: oprofile.
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