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Here is the first "real" patch to make a generic boolean-type.
Andrew, would you please pick this one up?

First patch:
The boolean is named "bool", this because calling it "boolean" seems long (int
and integer) and not "BOOL", because it is a typedef and not a #define.

The patch also defines aliases to 0 and 1, called "false" and "true".
There has been some who do not want the true and false, but since it is just a
value and not bundled with the boolean type, it is up to the programmer which to
use. Also a quick check:

find . -name *.[chS] | xargs grep "define FALSE" | grep -v "FALSE_" | wc -l

tells us there seems to be some who like false and true (and a need for a common
definition, as Andrew attemted).

Secound patch:
Just a "cleanup" of files with common definitions of bool/false/true.

These patches has been applied on the current Linus git-tree and compile-tested.

Hopefully, this patch will be picked up by someone and then the real work can
start, converting those files who uses booleans (and/or false/true). This would
most likely occure at kernel-janitors.

Till next time
/Richard Knutsson

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