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On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 02:07:12PM -0400, Theodore Bullock wrote:
> It would be really nice to see the arcmsr driver integrated into the
> mainline kernel in the nearish future.
> Ideally, the driver would be available before the next major
> distribution is published so that the hardware can be officially
> supported by the distribution developers eg. Novell, Red Hat, Canonical
> ... etc.
> After a brief review of upcoming schedules, Fedora Core looks to be
> updated next in October with the last test release currently scheduled
> for October. After that it will probably be SuSE.
> We have a good number of workstations with this hardware here, but
> support isn't available from our distribution.
> Checking the recent posts it seems that there are two outstanding issues
> > - PAE (cast of dma_addr_t to unsigned long) issues. 
> > - SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE is ignored.  This is wrong.  The sync cache in the
> > shutdown notifier isn't sufficient.
> That said, we have been using an older version of the driver off the
> Areca website for some time now with no major issues (other than kernel
> update problems). 
> Is it possible to get the driver integrated and fix these problems
> after?

Why not fix them up and submit the corrected driver?  If no one wants to
put the effort into fixing these issues now, why would they do the work


greg k-h
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