Re: Hello, We have IP100A Linux driver need to submit to 2.6.x kernel

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Hi Francois:

    Sorry, I don't know this patch before. IP100A is a new version of IP100
(sundance.c). I don't know what is you suggestion of IP100A driver? Should

1. Only updata sundance.c to support IP100A
2. Release ip100a.c which support ip100(sundance) to kernel 2.6.x and ask to
remove sundance.c.
3. Release ip100a.c with sundance.c both to kernel 2.6.x

We hope to use IP100a.c as our product driver, so 2. and 3. will better for
IC Plus. But we will still follow your suggestion, if you feel 1. was better
for kernel.



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Subject: Re: Hello, We have IP100A Linux driver need to submit to 2.6.x

Jesse Huang <[email protected]> :
> I am IC Plus software engineer. We have IP100A 10/100 fast network adapter
> driver need to submit to Linux 2.6.x kernel. Please tell me who should I
> submit to.
> IP100A's device ID is 0x13f0 0200.

You do not need to do anything:;a=commit;h=1668b19f75cb949f930814a23b74201ad6f76a53

As far as I have checked before forwarding Pedro Alejandro's patch, the
out-of-tree IP100 driver exhibited no significant difference with the
sundance driver.


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