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I was looking over the broken-out patches in the latest -mm series, and
found a number of genirq patches. I've not been building the -mm kernels
on my machine, just the plain kernels periodically updated from Linus'
repository. I would like, though, to get the genirq stuff and try it
out on my machine. What I don't know is which of the genirq patches to
apply, or if any other non-genirq patches in the set are needed in
addition to the genirq patches.

If these patches are planned to be added into the 2.6.18 queue I'll just
wait for them to show up in Linus' tree, but if not could someone post
a list (or patchset) as to which ones should be applied to make the
kernel on i386 utilize the new genirq code.

Thanks in advance.

Art Haas
Man once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities
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