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Jim Cromie wrote:
Chris Boot wrote:
Hi all,

After many years using Linux and hanging about on LKML without having done much actual kernel hacking, I've decided to have a go! The module below adds LED Class device support for the Soekris net48xx Error LED. Tested only on a net4801, but should work on a net4826 as well. I'd love to find a way of detecting a Soekris net48xx device but there is no DMI or any Soekris-specific PCI devices.
The patch is attached because Thunderbird kills tabs.

FWIW, the vintage scx200_gpio driver manipulates the LED just fine.

# cat /etc/modprobe.d/gpio
# assign last 2 dynamic devnums to gpio (255..240)
options scx200_gpio major=240
options pc8736x_gpio major=241

soekris:~# ll /dev/led
crw-r--r-- 1 root root 240, 20 Jun 24  2005 /dev/led

echo 1 > /dev/led

Is this insufficient ?
It works indeed very well, and this driver actually uses the scx200_gpio module
to do its work. But no it isn't enough, since this code ties into the existing
LED framework and can do nice built-in functionality like blinking according to
a timer, IDE disk activity, and a heatbeat-style load indicator. For free.

Chris Boot
[email protected]
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