[PATCH 000 of 006] raid5: Offload RAID operations to a workqueue

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This patch set is a step towards enabling hardware offload in the
md-raid5 driver.  These patches are considered experimental and are not
yet suitable for production environments.

As mentioned, this patch set is the first step in that it moves work
from handle_stripe5 to a work queue.  The next step is to enable the
work queue to offload the operations to hardware copy/xor engines using
the dmaengine API (include/linux/dmaengine.h).  Initial testing shows
that about 60% of the array maintenance work previously performed by
raid5d has moved to the work queue.

These patches apply to the version of md as of commit 
266bee88699ddbde42ab303bbc426a105cc49809 in Linus' tree.


Dan Williams

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