Re: [PATCH] watchdog: add pretimeout ioctl

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[email protected] wrote:
> Some watchdog timers support the concept of a "pretimeout" which
> occurs some time before the real timeout.  The pretimeout can
> be delivered via an interrupt or NMI and can be used to panic
> the system when it occurs (so you get useful information instead
> of a blind reboot).
> The IPMI watchdog has had this built in, but this creates a standard
> mechanism for all watchdogs and switches the IPMI driver over to it.

This patch seems to be kinda-sorta already half-present in Wim's
development tree.  Could you take a look at what's in 2.6.17-mm3, see if
any additional work is needed and if so, send a patch against that?

Then we can feed it all in when (or after) Wim does his 2.6.18 merge, which
is hopefully soon..
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