Re: [PATCH 4/6] mm: optimize the new mprotect() code a bit

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On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
> From: Peter Zijlstra <[email protected]>
> mprotect() resets the page protections, which could result in extra write
> faults for those pages whos dirty state we track using write faults
> and are dirty already.
> @@ -43,7 +44,13 @@ static void change_pte_range(struct mm_s
>  			 * bits by wiping the pte and then setting the new pte
>  			 * into place.
>  			 */
> -			ptent = pte_modify(ptep_get_and_clear(mm, addr, pte), newprot);
> +			ptent = ptep_get_and_clear(mm, addr, pte);
> +			ptent = pte_modify(ptent, newprot);
> +			/* Avoid taking write faults for pages we know to be
> +			 * dirty.
> +			 */
> +			if (is_accountable && pte_dirty(ptent))
> +				ptent = pte_mkwrite(ptent);
>  			set_pte_at(mm, addr, pte, ptent);
>  			lazy_mmu_prot_update(ptent);

Thanks for adding that comment, I completely misread this when you
first showed it to me, and didn't get the point at all.  (But you're
a little too fond of "/* Multiline" comments: in this case, with no
blank line above, it'd look better with a "/*" lone line to separate
from the pte_modify code.)

Yes, I guess that is worth doing, though it's a bit sad and ugly:
goes right against the simplicity of working with vm_page_prot.

Could you change "is_accountable" to "dirty_accountable" throughout?
We've various different kinds of accounting going on hereabouts,
I think it'd be more understandable as "dirty_accountable".

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