Re: [PATCH] Page writeback broken after resume: wb_timer lost

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Mark Lord wrote:
Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
On Sat, May 20, 2006, Andrew Morton wrote:
From: Andrew Morton <[email protected]>

pdflush is carefully designed to ensure that all wakeups have some
corresponding work to do - if a woken-up pdflush thread discovers that it
hasn't been given any work to do then this is considered an error.

That all broke when swsusp came along - because a timer-delivered wakeup to a frozen pdflush thread will just get lost. This causes the pdflush thread to get lost as well: the writeback timer is supposed to be re-armed by pdflush in process context, but pdflush doesn't execute the callout which does this.

Fix that up by ignoring the return value from try_to_freeze(): jsut proceed, see if we have any work pending and only go back to sleep if that is not the

Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <[email protected]>

I've tested this patch for about a week now, by applying it to
the 2.6.17-rc3 kernel on my laptop, which I've been using
for more than a month now. This patch seems to cure the
mysterious symptoms reported in February:

Actually I didn't remember to check "Dirty:" in /proc/meminfo,
but when I "sync"ed at the end of my workday, just prior to
swsupending it, sync returned immediately. with unpatched
2.6.17-rc3, sync would take half a minute
I just gave it a try here. With or without a suspend/resume cycle after boot,
the "sync" time is much quicker.  But the Dirty count in /proc/meminfo
still shows very huge (eg. 600MB) values that never really get smaller
until I type "sync".  But that subsequent "sync" only takes a couple
of seconds now, rather than 10-20 seconds like before.

Yup, behaviour is *definitely* much better now.  I'm not sure why
the /proc/meminfo "Dirty" count lags behind reality, but the disk
is being kept much more up-to-date than without this patch.

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