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On 20 Jun 2006 06:23:16 -0400 Jes Sorensen wrote:

> >>>>> "Randy" == Randy Dunlap <[email protected]> writes:
> Randy> On 19 Jun 2006 05:20:23 -0400 Jes Sorensen wrote:
> >> +MODULE_AUTHOR("Silicon Graphics, Inc.");
> >> +MODULE_DESCRIPTION("Driver for SGI SN special memory operations");
> >> +MODULE_LICENSE("GPL"); +MODULE_INFO(supported, "external");
> Randy> What does that last line mean?  what does "external" mean?
> Randy> There are no other source files in the 2.6.17 tree that say
> Randy> anything like that.
> Randy> And of the 1800+ MODULE_AUTHOR() lines, SGI seems to be
> Randy> dominant is using company instead of a person for AUTHOR.  Yes,
> Randy> there are a few others as well.  module.h says: /* Author,
> Randy> ideally of form NAME <EMAIL>[, NAME <EMAIL>]*[ and NAME
> Randy> <EMAIL>] */
> Randy,
> I went back and looked through the usages of these macros and it does
> indeed seem that nobody else tries to state 'supported' in MODULE_INFO
> so I have removed that and added an email address to the author line,
> which should always stay valid.

Hi Jes,
Thanks for doing that, esp. the 'supported' part.

> +MODULE_AUTHOR("Silicon Graphics, Inc. <[email protected]>");
> +MODULE_DESCRIPTION("Driver for SGI SN special memory operations");

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