Re: Driver model ISA bus

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Greg KH wrote:

Sorry for the delay.  It looks great to me so I've added it to my
tree and will push it upstream when I can.

Okay, lovely, thanks.

Takashi: I'll be converting ALSA ISA drivers over to this now. What I'd in fact would like to do is do that one driver at a time. I have a metric buttload of these old ISA soundcards and believe it would be a nice opportunity to actually test these old drivers (and possibly do some cleanups) as I go along. Would you mind that?

If you'd rather the isa_bus thing was one discrete change, that's also okay though. I'd then just do that as a somewhat mechanical change and then revisit those drivers at some later time for additional testing and/or cleanup.

In either case, I'll ofcourse not submit anything untill this thing has made -mm.


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